Siteground can help people to enjoy the big price rating in 2018. But gradually it has increased the prices for all of these packages. Do you also feel the same?  

Therefore people search for the cheap alternative for the Siteground. Also, site ground has increased the rating along with the CPU limitations. It might have to lead you to find the alternative for the site ground. Isn’t it?

Siteground can help a person to get with the best-shared hosts. Even with all CPU limitations, one can enjoy the structures related to it. Also, Siteground has merged all its infrastructure with the Google cloud. Hence, it will help one to get better with utter hosting dashboard facilities. 

Suppose your website can easily fit under the CPU limitations. Also, if you are comfortable with pricing, then Siteground tackles as best. 

But it doesn’t mean that one cannot choose its alternative. This article will help you know the top 5 alternatives for the Siteground. After this, you can choose any among those. 

Top 5 Siteground alternatives 


Why does Bluehost come as an alternative to the Siteground? TThere’smainly two reasons. It includes as follows: 

  • Bluehost prices get much lower as compared with the Siteground. Also, one can now enjoy the free domain name for the first year. It would help if you indeed enjoyed this offer after an increase in the pricing of Siteground.
  • Bluehost allows users to enjoy an unlimited number of resources. But Siteground provides a limited number of CPU limitations. 


Bluehost can help the person with many of the similar types of features as Siteground. It includes: 

  • Beginner-friendly WordPress installer tool 
  • Free SSL certificates 
  • Automatic updates for the WordPress 
  • Staging sites 

Among all these, you can take advantage of the Bluehost package starting at $3.95. You can also go for $5.95 per month. It’s because here you can enjoy the unlimited website features. 


  • Bluehost has much difference with pricing as compared to Siteground. 
  • One can enjoy the free domain all the time. 
  • Bluehost helps the person to tackle an unlimited number of hosting services. 


  • Bluehost doesn’t allow free migration of the website. Therefore you might need wordpress to migrate it. Or else one might also pay $150 to Bluehost. After this, you can migrate up to five websites. 
  • Bluehost doesn’t have options for automatic offsite backups. 

Guys, did you like the features, pros and more about Bluehost. Also, you can tackle the cons mentioned in this article. If you feel comfortable, then you can switch to Bluehost. Suppose if not, then go ahead. 

A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting has much popularity as per the Siteground. It’s an independent hosting providing company. 

Are you searching for cheap shared Hosting? If yes, then you need to land over the A2 Hosting. It can offer one excellent performance with turbo plans. All these plans can help you enjoy the LiteSpeed servers and caching features. 

DDon’tforget to note about its SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth as well as storage. What else can one expect with cheap packages of hosting services? 

A2 Hosting provides many reliable services to all people. Especially after the Siteground increased price packages, A2 Hosting becomes more alert. Therefore please choose this alternative for Siteground. 


  • A2 Hosting provides unlimited storage and bandwidth in all packages. 
  • Enjoy the free SSL certificates. 
  • They have data centres located worldwide. It includes North America, Europe, Asia and more. Hence, you can increase your reach to an international level. Isn’t it a great feature to grab?
  • Staging sites 

A2 hosting provides the cheapest plan at $2.99 based on the single website structures. But if your priorities change then, you have to look further. Is the fast loading time of the website an essential criterion for you? If yes, then you can move to $9.99 as a turbo plan. 

A2 Hosting can allow for the unlimited website in all packages. You can surely increase your profits by switching to this hosting service. 


  • A2 Hosting gets a lot cheaper services as compared to Siteground. 
  • Likewise, Siteground has a fast loading website capacity. 
  • A2 Hosting can offer a person free of migrations. Therefore you can quickly transfer your website from Siteground to A2 hosting. 


  • A2 hosting plans get with the harder capped of the physical memories. It might limit you one or the other way. 
  • A2 Hosting doesn’t prevail with the automatic offsite backups, unlike Siteground. 

The cons mentioned with A2 Hosting can easily be overcome further. Hence, it will result in worth if you choose A2 hosting. Also, look further for more alternatives to Siteground. 

WPX hosting 

WPX hosting is admired as the best alternative for the Siteground. It can help one to make the perfect premium service. 

You can overcome the drawbacks of the Siteground. 

Are you quitting Siteground because of the CPU limits? Are you comfortable with the pricing range that Siteground offers? If yes, WPX hosting gets down as the perfect solution for your business. 

WPX hosting provides all premium services like the site ground. But you can enjoy the unlimited CPU, unlike site grounds. 

Therefore WPX hosting can prove the best if you tackle its prices. Even you can consider WPX better than Siteground with the same prices. All these are possible because of the integrated content delivery network. It can serve your website content with the whole globe. Thanks to the network servers of the WPX hosting. Isn’t it amazing? 

WPX hosting provides the person with the latest technology on a security basis. It includes the firewall, daily malware scans, DDoS protection and more. Suppose even your site gets a virus; the WPX hosting can fix it for free. 

 Are you missing the fast customer support for the WPX hosting? If yes, then you can enjoy all the credentials of it in a better manner. You will be glad to know that WPX hosting provides even better customer services than Siteground. 

You can surely enjoy the top features of live chat with WPX hosting. 


  • Staging sites 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Automatic daily backups 
  • Data centres in the USA, UK and Australia
  • Live chat services for all people 

All the plans start at $24.99 per month for billings. One can get complete annual services with $20.83. All these plans include the following features: 

  • At least five of the websites 
  • 10GB of storage for the people. 
  • 100GB of bandwidth 


  • WPX hosting gets better with premium services for people. It includes wordpress hosting. 
  • WPX hosting provides cheaper services as compared to other competitors. 
  • This hosting company can make you enjoy excellent services at the same prices. 
  • You can find even faster loading of the website than Siteground. 
  • WPX hosting gives a stronger competition to WP Engine and Flywheel. 
  • One can observe the unlimited amount of free white-glove migrations. Hence, you can easily migrate your website from Siteground to WPX hosting. 
  • WPX hosting gets full of experts who can give excellent support to people.


  • It might get a bit costlier than the Siteground. You can especially visualize the difference with five-plus websites. 
  • WPX hosting gets down to billing sites for perfect sites. 
  • The choices with the data centre get much limited. One cannot find any servers with Asia. 

Hope you have understood the WPX hosting services. It will help one to focus on all credentials in a better manner. If you can afford the pricing, then WPX hosting can enjoy all structures. 


Cloudways get excellent alternatives for the Siteground. Also, one can enjoy the structures in a better manner. 

This company provides the services very unique as compared to other alternatives. In reality, cloudways don’t follow the traditional methods for hosting services. 

One can follow it as the managed control panel. It will allow you to choose the hosting providers. 

It includes DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud, AWS and more. 

You can get the perfect cloud servers. Therefore one can make expectations till 100% of uptime. Cloudways can support the person with excellent customer services. 

One can tackle the regular hosting services. You can indeed approach the big hosting providers. Hence, one can enjoy the surprise structures for better performance with lower costs. 

Cloudways doesn’t allow one with arbitrary limits. It will help one to go with cloud VPS along with powers. Also, one doesn’t have to tackle any of the cutoff options. 


  • Automatic backups structures for offsite storages. 
  • Easy of the staging sites
  • Almost free of SSL certificates. 
  • Server level of the caching. 
  • Varnish and integrated level of breeze plugin 
  • Total integrated CDN options. 

It doesn’t matter which of the cloud providers you opt for. But you never get the stack to the yearly contracts. One can even go ahead with hourly payments. One can get the options to select multiple data centres. Therefore one can enjoy the blazing server options. 


  • One can enjoy the faster loading times as compared to the low prices. 
  • You won’t have to stick your business with the CPU limits. 
  • A business will never get a cutoff until you do the CPU/RAM. 
  • One can get valuable features with automatic backups, staging sites and more. 
  • It’s an easy process to make the scaling. It means if your business expands, then you can easily manage to handle down the traffic. 
  • One can choose the data centre near down to the locations. 


  • Its gets complicated to handle as compared to the Siteground. 
  • Cloudways doesn’t provide support based on the emails.


Hostgator and Bluehost are almost the same company. You can prefer to substitute Siteground with Bluehost. 

Hostgator can offer the packages at much lower rates as compared to the site grounds. Also, you can enjoy an unlimited number of resources, free domain name etc. All these will make your website even better and professional. 


  • Free of SSL certificates 
  • Free email hosting 
  • One-click of wordpress installer 
  • Free of migrations 
  • Data centre-positioned around the globe. It includes the USA, India, Brazil, Netherlands and Hong Kong. 

In the top 5 alternatives, you will find the cheapest plans at Hostgator. It gets $2.75 per month for people. But the people give great demand for the $3.95 per month tagged package.

 It’s the best plan in an affordable range for the unlimited website. 

Are you interested in more managed services? If yes, then one can land on the wordpress plans. But you might observe more limitations than any of the shared plans. 

What are these plans? It’s a type of cloud architecture. Therefore one can get better with 2.5X of performances. It all will help all to uplift their business. 


  • Hostgator provides the plans in all cheapest packages as compared to all alternatives of Siteground. 
  • One can get a physical data center positioned at the different continents around the globe. 
  • You can enjoy it for free of migrations. It will help one move their website from Siteground to Hostgator. 
  • Hostgator provides a great cheaper plan for all WordPress services. 


  • Hostgator doesn’t get the most advanced features. It might include the staging sites or else automatic offsite backups. 
  • One cannot get perfect services from Hostgator as compared to another hosting. 

Did you like the HostGator services? It’s perfect if you stand at the basics of website services. It will help one to enjoy all structures in a better manner. 


Hello guys! Hope you found all your answers for an alternative to Siteground? Which among the following did you like the best? Listen! All have some or the other way better offering as compared to Siteground. Now it depends upon your priorities to land on any of these alternatives. You will surely get to the heights of success after changing strategies for your websites. Please comment and share your reviews.