Instagram has now become one of the most famous social media platforms and it also became a foundation of numerous brands to increase their sociality, making a unique social presence, building an engaged audience, increasing rates of conversion and generating beneficial traffic to your landing page.

If your appearance on Instagram is very squatty and you are highly willing to grow it, you can understand that how to engage Instagram followers without buying them. You just need to sharpen up your game plan to increase real followers on Instagram. If your audience grows and becomes larger the more earning opportunities you will get.

Some brands choose an easy way of increasing Instagram follower by buying them, but it is totally gibberish as Instagram’s Algorithm updates and changes every week, which can easily catch you buying followers.

So now let’s see how to engage Instagram follower without buying them:-

Ways to increase Instagram followers

1. Optimizing your Instagram account

Your Instagram account page is the first impression of every visitor so you highly needed to optimize it not according to you according to you, according to the visitors. The most important thing to keep in mind while optimizing your Instagram account is adding your brand’s bio and information as the homepage of your Instagram account.

Add your image caption, biography and a professional-looking username with a high-quality profile image representing your brand’s identity category and making your Instagram account a professional one. This can help you a lot to drive traffic to your account so optimizing your Instagram account is very important.

Use keywords and hashtags to get ranked in a specific keyword or hashtag and also try to link them with your homepage. Create landing pages and add links and info about your brand.       

One more important thing is that make sure you are using a search friendly and can be easily said, don’t make it lengthy and add any numerical digits or special characters that can make it unprofessional. If you are brand name is lengthy try to make it short or create its short form. And you can also try to add links to your other social media handles to increase engagement of your Instagram account

You can also use Instagram marketing strategies and marketing agencies to optimize your Instagram account for better engagement, which would be done by some professionals.

2. Don’t buy a single Instagram follower

Some so many individuals often think to buy Instagram followers but I would like to tell you that if you are also the one who is going to do this and if already did this, your Instagram account can be suspended. The individuals who sell these followers and subscribers use robots or bots which is not legitimate at all.

There are so many differences between an original account and a fake one. In fake accounts, you can’t find any content with no profile photos, no bio and even the username is not real. It can also disturb your old followers and lowers the engagement of your Instagram account.

 The Instagram algorithm is better than you can think it can track your follower count and if you will look suspicious to it, your account can also be suspended. There are some more disadvantages of buying Instagram followers which are written below:-

  1. Can’t provide you ROI: This line perfectly suits buying followers as you are investing a pretty big amount to buying bots that can’t even buy or like your products. No matters how much money you spent to buy followers but at last you will get a worth of zero for you and even it can‘t give you returns.

  2. Can swindle your new followers: Why would someone follow you? Obviously for your content and think if anyone sees that you don’t have a single content but holding 10K followers, it can also cause loss of credibility and engagement as everyone looks and discards your account page. Build a real followers audience, it take time but will pay you to return as well.

  3. No impressions from the followers: The followers you bought can’t like, share and comment on your post. Your posts can’t even rank of feeds if it doesn’t have a single like and comment. And due to the Instagram algorithm, these fake followers automatically be deleted.

2. Research for the best Hashtags or Keyword

Hashtags or Keywords plays an important role in Instagram as it helps to rank a post on a specific hashtag which also increases its engagement. There are so many tools you can use to find the traffic on a keyword. As a starter, you can’t use high traffic hashtags like #Photo, #Instagram and #Photography which contains hundreds of millions of traffic, however, your post can’t rank on these hashtags because your account is new and for now, you don’t have any high-quality content so how can you get ranked on these hashtags so fastly?

You can use simple hashtags which have 200 or 300 traffic and here, your chance to grow is very high. You also need to know how Instagram hashtags works and don’t use any keyword and stuffing as it also can give you negative report. Use these hashtags according to your post category and on which it focused.

3. Post the content your followers want

You’ve ever tested that your one post performed better than your latest one why is it so? This is because you need to know which type of content your followers want to see, and this makes testing a very important task for Instagram.

You can also invest a little bit amount on Instagram analytics tools which can help you to give reports of traffic, impressions and hashtags of your competitors. Do not publish copied content of any other, no matters how many followers he has. Always try to monitor a growing Instagram account, and you can also create notes about how your competitor growing his audience.

Always take a look for new trends and hashtags and quickly post them as soon as you can. By adding filters and captions to your posts making them professional. These small details can help your post to engage with a big number of users. So be a little confident and test your followers.

4. Promote your Instagram everywhere

It is easier for users to reach out to your site if your account is connected with any social media or if you have a website so you can add your Instagram account link and username there. This process creates visibility and aware every user that you are a genuine person.

And always try to get likes and comments as well as promoting your content too. Instagram has added so many new features like IGTV, Reels and stories where you have a golden chance to engage Instagram followers without buying them.

5. Start the conversion

Conversion is also one of the best ways to engage your Instagram account as according to research the viewers want visual content like videos, photos, text and highest photos. As everyone likes visuals with some copy written captions is almost 20 per cent for engaging your Instagram account without buying them.

You can also comment and respond to everyone who comes with a question in his mind replying to everyone and curtails your every follower makes a good personality which also forces new viewers to follow your Instagram account.

Making a good relationship with your present followers allows new visitors to test your account and they can also contact you for a specific product of your brand to buy that product with precautions.

6. Have brand advocates and influencers

If you are new in marketing you can also hire some brand advocates to post your content with full optimization, and it’s very important to know the power of your audience. The higher followers you grow your power will also increase and this also can cause high selling of your products.

You can also sponsor your unique content to get your brand in the feed of your future customer. Try to work with some big Instagram accounts to promote your account. You can also long term collaborate with big profiles which can boost your Instagram account by thousands of followers a day.

7. Do happy your Instagram followers

You can notice that whenever you make Instagram followers happy and posts anything that they like your audience growth have a sudden increment why is it so? When followers see your posts they leave a like and positive comment to it and then the Instagram algorithm tracks it, and slowly ranks on the feed of thousands of Instagram users.

Don’t try to publish related to any offensive content, try to do everything your followers want. Be confident in your every post as it increases your personality in the market and often increases sales. So making your followers happy is also one of the most important ways to engage Instagram followers without buying them.


The goal of 10k followers on Instagram is a milestone of everyone allowing you to promote a new brand or promote your own. This number makes your brand well-known and increasing its growth too fast. Extract all the ideas and information about growing your audience from podcasts and professional marketers and execute it on your Instagram account.