Writing an engaging Instagram caption includes a great subject that creates your brand’s identity and attracts more audiences to interact with your brand. A good Captions may extend to 2,200 characters, with few emoji, and almost 30 hashtags. 

Make the hashtags look strikingly amazing so, it intrigues the audience to read and click. Using eye-catching Instagram captions will grab more audience attention. Driving audience engagement is among the three primary features that the Instagram algorithm regards while requesting content in Instagram users’ feeds.

In this way, you would be able to receive not only more likes or comments but also your followers will view more of your posts frequently.

Today we will show you a list of winning Instagram caption ideas and provide suggestions on how to create your captions.

How to create a striking Instagram caption?

A striking Instagram caption must include a good subject, that can reveal your profile’s identity, along with fascinating the viewers and convincing them to follow you. A well Instagram caption can have up to 2,200 characters, which may have comprised of emoji, and 30 hashtags.

Good web content must contain striking captions for driving audience engagement. It should be well-composed so, it can be effortlessly read and understood. Also, the audience finds it exciting to follow when it is applied beautifully. 

Let us view how to write the best captions so you can gather public attention. 

Here are some of the best tips and suggestion for you:

  1. Understand your audience

The study of Instagram demographics proves that the social site is preferred by every type of audience irrespective of their earnings. It has been also reviewed that it is more used by the female audience as compared to males.

Hence, it needs to be mindful of the fact that the more you speculate on Instagram the more you are likely to understand Instagram’s marketing strategy. In short, you can cater to the needs and expectations of your audience.

Therefore, you are required to create your identity through understanding the reaction of your audience or surveys. 

This can be done by exploring your audience like who follows you, knowing about their age, location, interest, hobby, etc.  

When you are done with the idea of ascertaining your audience then, you can ask few questions to yourself about whether you are finally ready to put captions using a subject line to your Instagram posts.  

You may wonder if using emojis or characters or netspeak is familiar to your audience. Next is the subject line of whether you should extend it or not.

  • Ascertain your brand voice

Ascertain your brand voice to expand your Instagram marketing. Showcase your brand utility as well as quality. Determine your brand profile so you can increase your followers.

Add striking captions for your profile like “energetic”, “smart and diligent”, “trusted” for a protein shake brand. This way, the audience can understand you more clearly to your brand.

However, Instagram users always look for something that excites them and not captions on a serious note. Though, it is important to know that the captions must be useful for the audience in some way. Yet it largely depends on the company and viewers, still, you should always try a little extra for your audience that impresses them and also, surprise them with your humor where necessary, thus, helping you to create your brand personality.

  • Determine length

Try to ascertain the length of your post. As Instagram users usually scroll their Instagram feeds at a rapid pace, you need to understand the length of your captions. If possible keep it precise so, the audience is quick to understand. Also, use the subject where it is required otherwise, a single post is enough to speak for itself. 

Note: Know that for posts in feeds, a caption of three lines is showcased. However, for captions of more than three lines, the audience is required to click on “More” so, they can read the entire description.

However, if you wish to reveal your complete caption then, Instagram suggests you prefer only 125 words or lesser.

Also, if there is any fascinating story to tell the audience in connection to your post then, you may take the required time and character to describe it.

An Instagram account using long captions is always impressive as it adds value while describing the posts.

  • Put the significant characters at the first place of the caption

Instagram captions are reduced in users’ feeds after adding some subject lines to them. You are required to transport your message or invite your audience instantly. For this, you can use @mentions and hashtags later. 

Also, heading with the most significant characters is awesome to post on Instagram. Catching the reader’s attention and providing them the chance to click on “More.”

  • Edit and Rephrase

Always take your required time even if you experience various drafts, more importantly, if your captions are extended to more lines. If you are targeting to display your sense of humor or knowledge, hold many drafts and edits.

Also, check that each of your words holds the content very well so, it connects to the audience. Reduce characters if necessary to make it brief and clear. 

For edit and rephrase, you may hire someone with complete knowledge of editing. Someone with great knowledge can easily pick up your mistakes and help you in rephrasing them. 

For this, you may prefer using a social media management kit so, you can create your group and workflows for reviewing each post and approval before posting.

  • Prefer hashtags, but tactfully

Prefer hashtags that are appropriate for your post and prospective clients. Make sure that it doesn’t confuse your content and creates difficulty in reading for your target audience. 

Don’t jumble your captions, either you can choose to “hide” your hashtags:

You can distinctively use hashtags from the remaining caption by concealing them while intervals. After you are done with using your caption, press the 123 buttons. Choose Return and next type a period or a special character like star *. Repeat this five times. As Instagram caps off captions following three lines, the audience won’t be able to view the hashtags if not clicking on the highlight “More”.

It is recommended to not use hashtags in every caption. You may prefer them to apply in the comment section while the post is uploaded. As the viewers start commenting on your posts, your audience cannot see the hashtags anymore unless clicks the “More” option.

  • Raise a question

You can receive more comments on your posts is by writing a caption that raises a question to your followers.

You can ask any sort of question. It can be just for fun or knowledge or ask for any ideas or suggestions from your audience to get more reviews and likes. 

  • Express with an @mention

You can promote other Instagram users too. You may provide their username in the caption to increase your followers meanwhile they can visit their profile as well.

In this manner, you are possibly increasing the number of viewers of your content by stating other Instagram users as well. It is likely that they may like, comment, or share your content with others as well.

  • Drive audience engagement using CTAs

If you wish to drive audience engagement to your post or content then, you may ask viewers to type a comment below or tag any special person or leave a suggestion.

However, your content must be good enough for appealing to the audience that they seamlessly like, comment and share. Therefore, creating engaging content for your audience. 

On the other hand, make an attractive call to action that your audience just loves it. You can also stream a contest in the comment section with an offer or some discounts.  

  • Don’t scare to prefer emoji

Emojis are best to apply with an Instagram caption. 

With the help of emoji, you can connect to your audience’s mind, and also, it is a great way to interact with your audience as it displays a bit of your brand personality.

However, emojis may also comprise complete words yet leaving it a bit brief and interesting.

  • Prefer quotes

Prefer using quotes that are appropriate to the post. A quote from a specific person or an advanced technology like the GoPro provides user-created content.


Using Instagram captions is a great way to engage the audience with your brand. And now that you understand about writing great captions that are appropriate for your content or posts, you are more likely to draw public attention to your profile. 

There are almost many popular brands that prefer the best captions for expanding their business worldwide. Lastly, with the correct usage of captions, and by adhering to the above tips and suggestions you can grab more public attention.

Although to increase more engagement of your audience, you can include captions to request viewers to follow your links or read the entire story of your posts or content.