Top 11 Ways to Use Instagram for Small Business: A Practical Approach

Nowadays, all the social media platforms have used as an earning source and, Instagram is one of them. Instagram has used by famous companies like Starbucks and Burger King to showcase their new products between us and generate sales.

Now, you may think that it is not a very tough job for any big business like Starbucks to showcase their new products between millions of users, but what about the small business?

On any social media platform, even on Instagram, for this, you don’t need to have a large number of employees or you have a big organization. If you are an individual, you can use Instagram to grow your business even without any employee to grow your business.

 Also, if you are not using Instagram for your business and thought not to do so, it can be your greatest mistake ever as you are losing a golden chance.

So now let us see how to use Instagram for your small business and having large audience support:

1. Optimize Your Business Instagram Account

Optimizing your business account is the most important step as it creates a professional and genuine look towards your business account. It also helps to understand more about your business-related things to your audience. There are some main points you should not forget while optimizing your Instagram business account:

  1. Use a short profile name          
  2. Add a short bio informing your business type and other important information
  3. Link your Instagram Business account with your other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and so on.
  4. Add your website’s link using link shorten tools to your Instagram Business account.

Optimizing your Instagram Business account using these points can help your business to expand and generate more sales.

2. Use Influencers to Promote Your Instagram Business Account

Promoting your business account with the help of Influencers is one of the best ways and a quick strategy to gain more followers and generate more sales.

Influencer marketing allows you to connect with an influencer who has same the category that you own, it makes a similarity to both of your content and causes more followers and sales.

You don’t have to promote your business account with the help of big actors which causes a lot of expenditure, you can choose big YouTubers to promote your business for a reasonable amount.

You can easily contact them by their contact emails or managers and ask them about your product to be promoted by them. And now just wait and see your audience growth.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most important factor to rank on Instagram. Always try to use trending keywords that can help your content to rank and increase audience growth.

There are so many hashtag tools that allow you to research the best keywords with their density for your business.

It is also been seen that the high amount of keywords will you use on your post can help to generate more likes and shares. On Twitter and Facebook using ten keywords is too much whereas on Instagram this number is very normal.

According to a study, it is seen that content like photos and videos have interacted more among users who used up to 30 hashtags on a single post.

4. Collaborate with other businesses

Collaboration is also one of the simple and fast ways to increase your followers as well as generate more sales of your business product.

It is also related to Influencers Marketing but collaboration is a long-term idea whereas, promoting your Instagram business page is a one-time job.

You can ask an Instagram business page related to you if they want to do a collaboration with you. This idea can help you and your partner’s business to gain a speed of rocket in generating more sales as well as building up an audience.

    5. Host Giveaways

    Not a single human can’t deny a free product no matters they are rich or poor, and this thing is now becoming a strategy in marketing.

    You can host giveaways once every month of any of your business products or service. Keep in mind that don’t host giveaways too much like doing ten giveaways in a single month as it will create a negative impact on your Instagram Business.

    This Instagram strategy is able to provide you with a lot of loyal and active users as well as generate more sales. 

    There are also some things you can add on while hosting giveaways to maximize its impact:

    1. You can add a simple task like follow, tag your friend, share, and like your Instagram page to join the giveaway
    2. Do giveaways on the same date of the month
    3. Use a specific Hashtag for your giveaway to have more fine visibility
    4. Do collaborate giveaways to get more reach

    By helping with these points you can easily build a big and loyal audience as well as qualified sales.

      6. Use Instagram Ads Marketing

      We know that business means investment, but so many individuals started their businesses to invest a small amount.

      So if you are also one of them, you can use Instagram Ads for a better reach and visibility. Instagram Ads are also affordable for any new business run by an individual.

      You can create a unique and eye-catching ad with copywritten texts on it, this can cause you to have the highest percentage of reach and visibility on your Instagram account.

      If you aren’t familiar with creating an ad, you can simply hire any ad poster which can help you with it.

        7. Keep an eye on what is working

        You must keep an eye on your analytics tools to check which of your strategies are working.

        On the internet, there are so many analytics tools like Hootsuite Instagram analytics and others. From there you can check what hashtags are working and what are the sources of direct traffic to your Instagram page?

         You must keep noticing all these details to improve your reach and visibility for more audience are qualified sales.

          8. Be Engaged with your Followers

          You must interact with your followers to get more visibility and reach for your Instagram Business account.

          Host live sessions on IGTV to connect with your followers more clearly. You can interact with your followers by:

          1. Resolving their problems
          2. Reply to their comments
          3. Host live sessions

          These ways can help your Instagram Business to get more reach and visibility, and fly with the speed of a rocket.

            9. Start Using Instagram Reels and Stories

            You can use Instagram Reels and stories, which can help you to promote your business products or services to introduce your audience to your new product. It is also a good source for generating more sales.

              10. Post More Get More

              On Instagram, there is a rule of “post more get more”. You can generate more audience and sales if you be an active member of Instagram. Being an active member also increases your Instagram Business account visibility and reach.


                  As we know Instagram is one of the very large social media platforms, but keep in mind that if you want success you must wait and keep trying hard. All these ideas given above are just ten percent, you must fill all the remaining ninety percent by adding and applying your own ideas. Just keep trying hard and wait.