LinkedIn is a famous Social Media platform where you can find employer, employees, and even a big market of customers for fir your business. At its early starting, no one knows about it and at that time it is only a platform where you can keep a track of your colleague, other networks and business connections. But in the year 2016, Microsoft acquired it and it serves too many services for both employers, employee and business marketing, with almost 563 million users in the whole world. This big audience can help every business to help business to grow.

LinkedIn is a source of generating customers because it is not a platform like Twitter and Facebook where you have so many audiences but due to LinkedIn’s category every user of this social media platform connected to the job and it causes to convert this audience as a big number of leads.

There are so many ways that can help you to leverage LinkedIn in your marketing strategy:-

1. Use LinkedIn Pulse to become a thought leader

LinkedIn Pulse allows you to publish your content which can help your company to a position as a thought leader, generates more sales, generate more traffic to your site and so on.  To present yourself as a thought leader, you must have to make sure some of the points help you to showcase easily. The points are:-

1. Profile Image

2. A summary of your profile

3. Summary defining your past

4. Make sure your all contents have the same amount of words (Eg. 1700 words to 2000 words)

5. Do search engine optimization (SEO) for your every post.

6. Publish your content at the same time and often.

2. Make your LinkedIn’s Company Page fully optimized

Optimizing your LinkedIn’s Company Page is one of the most important steps as it helps every business to look professional and genuine. Also, it helps your customer to understand you better. Things you must consider while optimizing your LinkedIn’s business page are:-

1. Use a Professional Profile Photo

2. Create and optimize your LinkedIn’s overview section

3. Use a professional and well-created cover photo

4. Publish content at the same time and often

5. Always keep a track of your growth using LinkedIn’s analytics

6. Try to increase your audience

7. Add your LinkedIn’s page to your business website

3. Use LinkedIn ads to target customers

When a business starts it does not have any identity, no audience, no followers and nothing but the main strategy used by almost every business at its starting is ads. Ads easily generate and targets a big number of audience. To refine your ads strategy you can use LinkedIn ads which allows you to promote your business in four different types of ads:-

1. Text Ads

Text ads are a great and easy way to drive a big amount of traffic to a landing page of a business. These ads appear as a bar-like structure on the top of every page present on LinkedIn.

2. Sponsored content ads

The sponsored content ads appear in user feeds as a post just like on ads on Facebook, these ads are titled “sponsored” or “promoted” at the top of these ad units.

3. Carousel ads

This ads format is really a unique format of ads which is designed like carousels. You are free to include 10 self-designed and customized swipeable cards like a carousel. This also helps to attract your targeted audience by making something eye-catching like this. There you can also add your many services your business can provide.

 4. Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail ads allow every business to send visual graphics and text messages directly to the InMail account of users. You can run sponsored Inmail ads campaign by choosing the third option in the list of LinkedIn campaign manager.

4. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to source some leads

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool that helps new businesses to improve relationships between them and their customers. It’s a very handy and effective way to source some leads and boost up the sales of your business. According to some researches, it is found that the businesses which use LinkedIn Sales Navigator have twelve times more growth in revenue and seven times more growth in audience.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can really be a nice strategy to increase your business sales and to get a hyper-growth in the audience.

5. Use Slide Share to share your knowledge

Slide Share is also like LinkedIn Pulse, it provides a unique and fun way to share the knowledge you own about a specific topic. Through LinkedIn’s report, the users of LinkedIn have shared more than 17 million copies of content on the Slide Share, with over 80% of its visitors are generated from the targeted search. If you understand how to use Slide Share, you can easily generate a big number of audience and sales. There are also some points you should consider to get better results:-

1. Try to have a free Branding

2. Link Slide Share content to your business website

3. Give it a light touch of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

6. Leverage your LinkedIn groups

On LinkedIn, there are millions of groups where you are free to become a member of it. Joining several LinkedIn groups and creating a conversation and try become a part of several discussions, these things give big visibility towards your business. But if you are willing not to become part of a group instead of making your own is also a great option, as it generates more visibility towards your business than joining the others. To create your own group on LinkedIn there are some points you must have to do:-

1. Always keep track of your group

2. Try to be active as long as you can spend

3. Choose some group moderators (five to ten)

4. Consider which type of group you have to make a public group or an open group

7. Join the LinkedIn Marketing Blog

LinkedIn Marketing Blog is a place where you can gain a lot of knowledge regarding businesses and earning money. All of its content is designed and prepared by specialists to help a business grow. There you can also learn so many different types of marketing strategies and updates. LinkedIn Marketing blog can be a great option for your new business if you share some time to read its content, and can give you a big ROI.


The world of Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid speed and helps individuals to become a big organization, you must know some fundamentals or basics to start your business. And LinkedIn and other types of social media platforms play a most important role in Business Marketing strategies. LinkedIn is a small platform in this digital era but it has the potential to grow a business at the speed of the rocket. According to my opinion, I’ll recommend every businessman to use LinkedIn as a led generation tool and showing your skills to attract more buyers and grow your audience.

To start for anything you must wait, practice and share the most qualified to your audience. Also, you can see that LinkedIn is growing very speedily, so do not wait more just go for it. Let us see a summary of our whole topic:-

1. Use LinkedIn Pulse to become a thought leader

2. Make your LinkedIn’s Company Page fully optimized

3. Use LinkedIn ads to target customers

4. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to source some leads

5. Use Slide Share to share your knowledge

6. Leverage your LinkedIn groups

7. Join the LinkedIn Marketing Blog

As soon as you complete all these steps, you are able to generate new leads, generate a big audience, and generate sales from your new business. So go and start doing these things to become something valuable in this world.