To have a successful Instagram marketing journey, one is required to pay close attention to the features of Instagram before emerging as a social media marketer. As Instagram has already placed itself among the top social marketing platforms. It has recently beat down popular social media sites including Twitter beside Snapchat.

Here in this article, we will provide knowledge on different Instagram marketing strategies required to win the battle against other platforms, so you can receive a full advantage. So, follow these Instagram marketing strategy steps to win more followers and profits:

Instagram Marketing Strategy 

Step 1: Ascertain your content strategy

Content strategy is the key function and base of your Instagram marketing strategy. Therefore, create more engaging content and helpful for your prospective client.

Try to ascertain the content beforehand comparing to the post you are sharing with the audience. If you’re not certain about what to do, then here you can check out some of the tips to follow and apply:

Product-centric: The most known Instagram marketing strategy. When you apply a product-centric content strategy to your Instagram marketing, it lets you decide what post to be shared and what not. In this way, you would be able to gather large followers and convince them easily about your products to be sold. 

Culture-centric: When you don’t have a unique or interesting product for your audience, you just need to create a culture-centric strategy for your company. You should be more driven to your customer. You are required to build trust among your audience towards your brand by uniquely satisfying their different needs.

User-created content: When you have successfully built trust between your customers then, you can perform a user-created content strategy. You can upload content that is shared by your trusted users. Although it’s a difficult one yet you can create a good feed for your audience.

Step 2: Content scheduling

After applying a content strategy for your Instagram marketing, here all you can do is decide on a content schedule. However, Instagram’s feed is no more sequential. Though, it does pay for involvement and requesting posts from users that they often tend to share and associate with. 

While you post, it allows more followers to converse with your brand. Moreover, they find it relevant thus, bringing more chances to increase the audience. 

Also, you can apply a few tools to your brand such as Buffer or Later so, this will help you to schedule content beforehand. Thus, creating room for your content creator to ease, while posting. This is considered to be more helpful for small business houses that tend to have less time and no active social media manager.

Ascertain the time that is best to engage yourself on Instagram with your audience and that can be fruitful for your business too. 

Step 3: Media creation and editing

Instagram is a social media site that requires strategic content creation. When the audience finds attractive and relevant content, people tend to engage more with your media thereby, letting you earn more profits. 

You can use some of these tips to create your awesome Instagram content:

Post Quality: Prefer good-quality pictures and videos as this is relatively cheaper and enough to support your Instagram marketing. Pictures should be well-lightened to create a good impact on the audience.

Editing: Prefer using few apps such as VSCO, Snapseed, or Enlight that lets you have a clear picture with a professional look. Try editing modestly. You may even speculate some of your favorite Instagram accounts so, you can get some idea about the various ways of making your posting attractive. It is best to prefer the same filters for all your posts as that makes it cohesive for winning Instagram marketing. 

Captions: Use captions to promote your products on Instagram. Ascertain that your captions are pragmatic. It would help you to create direct followers so you can fund your Instagram creation.

Hashtags: This is among the most popular features of Instagram which is Hashtags. They are highly effective and best for reaching the unexplored area of your audience. People are keen on for searching new content using hashtags. You can particularly create hashtags like (#gifts or #dress). Exposure to hashtags increases followers and customer involvement.

Step 4: Extra content

Instagram keeps on adding extra features. One of which is the Instagram Stories. It helps you to create a large base for your audience to interact with your company or brand. Thus, it is a more genuine way to express your posts to Instagram users.

Also, Instagram Stories helps your followers to notice your brand more clearly as it is placed before feeds. You can provide rapid notification or even keep few offers for your followers to boost your exposure.

Again among the most popular feature for your Instagram is Instagram Live. Though it is not the most effective Instagram marketing strategy, yet you can always use it to convince your audience to build trust in your company. However, Live videos always appear front page and on your user’s feeds, before anything else.

You can perform Instagram Live to showcase a product launch in advance. Besides, you may even hold a Q&A session with your followers. It lets you interact straightly with your real followers who find it quite engaging to your brand. Thus, creating brand awareness for your product to different followers.

Recently, Instagram updated its Carousel media features for every Instagram user. Here you can integrate various segments of content into one single frame which includes different posts and videos and even Boomerangs. Thus, it is great for adding multiple pictures of your products or a story too.

Step 5: Monetising optimization

Many company owners and conventional marketers find it difficult in earning real business profits using Instagram. Yet there are various methods of generating revenue using your Instagram profile.  

Let us view some of these Instagram revenue-generating methods:

CTAs: Creating CTAs on your Instagram posts will let you convert your followers and social media traffic into real earnings. Thereby, you are only required to provide CTAs on each of your products so, your followers can reach out to you for making a real deal. Also, make certain your followers can connect you simply by following the link given below in your bio. You may even provide CTA to your captions too.

Monetization sites: You can connect your page by using some platforms available like the Like2Buy that allows you to link the photos in your Instagram feed to items or different pages available on your sites. This helps generate customers thus, reducing the gaps.  

Offers and promotions: At times, Instagram is a tough one to generate real clients yet it can be a great marketing tool for many people. However, one best way is to keeps offers and promotions for your prospective clients. It can be anything like a bonus or a coupon that would initially boost your sale. You can simply attach a discount link along with a CTAs.

Step 6: Contests

You can stream content on your Instagram for your audience. It intrigues users about your products, thus, helping you to promote your brand. 

You can do this to generate business revenue. Thus, the best approach is creating leads such as extracting customer details through the participation of your brand contest. This way, you could turn them into earning real profits using marketing tactics via emails or any other sources. 

You can follow some of these contest ideas for your Instagram posts:

Comment-to-enter: Comment-to-enter contests let you maximize audience participation. In this way, you can allow them to like your posts or follow your account for contest participation. Or you may even tell them to tag one or more friends in the comments section. This would eventually help you to increase participators and drives followers.

Photo contest: You can allow participators to upload a photo with a unique theme and a unique hashtag. All you need is to assemble and select a winner. This will eventually help your business to expand. Also, you may use a photo contest app for streaming these contests with an included offer that lets you fetch their email address. 

Step 7: Ads

Instagram’s marketing strategy is incomplete without adding ads. Ads are a great way to promise your Instagram marketing struggles to reach your prospective audience.

Though it is hard to fund Instagram ads yet it is the best possible way to approach your desired audience. 

Below are a few of the Instagram advertising approaches:

Use striking imagery: Instagram ads are indigenous. It is exposed to the audience using user experience. However, they tend to appear like any other post. Creating and uploading media that’s easy to grab people’s eyes makes your ads successful.

Target accurately: Make ads that are clear to audience perception based on your product. Know different areas to grab people’s eye.

Keep ad-specific landing page: Making a landing page that suits your ad description.

Create the best CTA: Include a CTA in your ad. Creating the best CTA depending on your business target will drive your brand to create awareness and achieve the desired goal.


Instagram’s marketing strategy is considered successful in gaining a prospective audience. However, by adhering to the above steps, one can win the battle against Instagram marketing.