Hashtags are the most important thing on Instagram for both content creators and viewers. But if you are new on Instagram as a creator you don’t know how to use them. Right? So let’s learn more about Hashtags.

What are Hashtags and why should use them?

Good Question! Hashtags are the most important factor of ranking on Instagram, you can add hashtags to your posts. You can easily gain a lot of real and engaging followers on your Instagram account.

Hashtags are responsible to increase audience interactions

According to recent Instagram statistics, the posts that published with 1 or more keywords have gained more engagement than the posts which do not have a single hashtag. Users engage with hashtags of their category, and this is the reason why big companies promote their own hashtag to engage with their customers. More engagement leads to having more likes, shares and comments.

Hashtags allow users to find your content easily

As I already told you that hashtags are one of the most important factors of rank and generating more engagement, in short, your content will become more discoverable. Users will go through related posts and searching a specific hashtag, there can be a high chance to get your content visible on that hashtag or related posts.

How to find the best Hashtags for your business?

So we talked about the basics of Instagram hashtags, now let’s talk about how to use the hashtags to come up with a publishing strategy. There is nothing to learn about how to use hashtags but we must talk about how to find them. Let’s get straight into it:

1. Use the trending hashtags

Using the trending hashtags on your posts not only increases your engagement, but it is also the way you can use to rank on a specific keyword. But how do we find such hashtags? If you know what is trending you can easily the keyword which is already trended and you can use it in your post.

However, there are sometimes most of the peoples get late to use them and they don’t get any change in engagement, for this kind of problems there are thousands of hashtags researching tools which can be very helpful to you. These tools present you with a number of hashtags with their search volume, detailed analysis of your Instagram account so you can easily determine to use them or not to do so. Some of the best hashtags researching tools are Sked Social, All Hashtags, Webstagram, Seekmetrics, RiteTag and so on.

2. Keep an eye on your competitors

You must start to collect information about your competitors related to what hashtags they use, how many hashtags they use in a single post, how often they post and from where they are generating more engagement. Make sure that your competitor’s niche is the same which you own. It helps you a lot to engage with new users using your competitor’s strategy.

3. Use the Hashtags which relates to the main

You can easily generate more engagement on your Instagram account if you use hashtags which is related to the main but not the same. For example: if you are using a hashtag like “gaming” consider using “games” and “e-sports”. Now think if you don’t use relating hashtags and used only the “gaming” hashtags, so the users search for “e-sports” and “games” can’t see your post anyhow. So better use all the relating hashtag and research for them from now.

4. Analyze your previous published posts

You must also monitor your previous posts, and analyze which of them are most popular and see which hashtags you had used there. Try to analyze every of your previous post and if you can’t so go only for the most popular keywords available on your account. You can also analyze that the most popular post of your Instagram account also has the same hashtag, if yes you can use that keyword to generate a lot of engagement.

5. How many times to use Hashtags

The maximum number of hashtags you can use on a post is 30, which is quite impressive but don’t try to add them roughly or use the same type of keywords on a single post as it can be seen as spammy. So based on our researches, the most common and good quantity of using hashtags of a single post is 5 to 10. This is an easy number that can help your post with different hashtags on Instagram as well as increase engagement of your Instagram account.

6. Use your best hashtags inside your posts

As soon as you found some of the best and popular hashtags which can really be helpful to increase your engagement, then use them inside your posts. You can add several types of hashtags inside your posts, which is capable to attract more users to your post.

Types of Hashtags

There are currently three types of hashtags community and Industry hashtags, general hashtags and branded hashtags. So let us study them in detail:

1. Community and Industry Hashtags

These types of hashtags are fancy, these are neither too much popular nor too unknown. These keywords have a perfect hashtags search volume for a new account to grow. These types of hashtags relate a big search volume keywords which help to refine your hashtag and get more engagement. For example, nowadays gaming has a lot of search volume, so you can use #pcgaming instead of #gaming. You can also research these types of keywords on Instagram Analytics tools.

2. General Hashtags

General Hashtags are the most commonly known type of hashtag on Instagram, these types of tags have too much of search volume which clearly sound that they can increase your engagement easily. To research for these keywords you don’t even need any hashtags research tool, you can choose them directly from Instagram. For example, #gaming, #fitness, #love and so on. These keywords will likely to never lose their quality and search volume ever.

3. Branded Hashtags

As the name suggests, branded Hashtag is a type of unique hashtag which works better if you are a business. These tags can be the name of your business or product. But if you are an individual and wants to use them, you can use them in your posts as you are reviewing or promoting them. So these ones also good to grow as a business more than the individual. For example: If a business name is Appearentals he can use this name as a hashtag like #appearenatals.

How to bring together your Instagram hashtag strategy?

In the start, if you know how to use hashtags and insert them in your is already too much, but you must keep an eye on what of your strategies are the best or giving you the best results. You must research which keywords are giving you the best results and must them in your future posts.

So here is a short summary of what we have learned today:

1. You should use only 5 to 10 hashtags on every post they are enough.

2. Keep an eye on your competitors. Make sure to learn their strategies and how they are growing. 

3. Research for the best hashtags, which can help your post to rank on Instagram.

4. You must use the relating hashtags of the main one.

5. Cover all the trending hashtags as soon as possible to get more engagement.

6. Use the famous hashtags inside your posts.

7. There are three types of hashtags: Community hashtags, Branded Hashtags and General Hashtags.

These all are some of the best ideas and strategies which you can use to gain more engagement on your Instagram account to build a legitimate audience. There is one thing to always keep in mind that all these strategies won’t work unless you do hard work, to gain the success you must add all of your efforts and time into it. To analyze all these tips and execute them in your Instagram account as well as in your Instagram Marketing Strategy.