What’s the purpose of a Content Calendar?

A Content Calendar marshals the content which you are about to publish on your social media profile. It tracks all the dates and timing on which you have to post the feed and inform you through a notification. Bloggers, influencers, and content writers use the strategy of Content Calendar to stimulate the stream of the feed to appear two or three times in your follower’s feed.

It creates transparency for the followers in case you take a break from posting content. Your audience might wonder if they should catch with you anymore due to that respective break.

Content Calendar being the backbone of your profile

If you are the one who is scrambling for your Instagram content, then it is nothing new; everyone deals with the loomed content over their head after every other hour. You might feel low because they feed on the Instagram flow so fast that you will regret it.

So, pre-scheduling the content is the only way which can let you sit free and relax. Continue reading and know how you can use a Content Calendar to strategize your Instagram feed tactically.

How can you craft a Content Calendar for Instagram?

A Content Calendar can be adjusted according to your plans, and each Content Calendar has a different template to be at the top of your Instagram. The best way to utilize the Content Calendar is to get it printed once you craft it according to your plans.

You can add everything in your Content Calendar, for example; suppose you are a fashion blogger! You can set your outfits and their details, accessories, make, which brand you have to promote, collaborations, and all the things that can influence your target audience most effectively. Apart from this, you will need photographers and videographers; you can also assign everything in the Calendar when you have a day out for the shoot. Isn’t it so unique?

The format of Content Calendar is almost like an Excel sheet that is pretty convenient to use and becomes even more when you get it printed. Now, all you need to do is stick it on your studio’s wall, and here you are, good to go.

Incredibility of Content Calendar

  • The very first thing about Content Calendar is that it is a key to stay organized.
  • A Content Calendar makes sure that you are completing every task on time but only if you follow the Calendar really well. If you are disorganized, you arrange your Calendar but later let it go or don’t follow the way you planned it. So, make sure you publish more often according to the plan.
  • A calendar reminds you of everything, especially the things you neglect or forget the most, i.e., collaborations. You would hardly need any team to do things for you once you craft your Content Calendar.
  • The most astonishing thing about the Calendar is that you can imagine your upcoming content how it’s going to be. You can change the work plans anytime if you don’t find the stuff in trend. If you want to start off with a Calendar, you can go and craft it for yourself in Google Sheets.

The clear vision of Content Calendar:

  Well, planning includes every little thing which you do in your profession. Planning would give you a clear vision of your profession and motivate you towards your content on Instagram, which is the best thing because, generally, influencers and bloggers have much work to do. If you plan to make one for yourself, sit for a day, note down everything on a piece of paper, and then copy-paste it to your device. When you set goals for your content, nothing can pay you off other than having a Content Calendar.

So, you might have got the point that how a Content Calendar can change your professional life.

 Keep reading the article to find what you should include in your Calendar.

Things you should add in your Content Calendar for Instagram

  • Know your audience/community: Knowing your audience is way too necessary; you would know which type of content in your profile they like the most where you can plan your Calendar according to your audience interest.
  • Print the entire Calendar: If you find it challenging to check out your device every time you need it, you can instead take a photo to stick; it would be convenient to use.
  • Plan advance content: Calendar’s main motive is to plan advance content. Have a look on-trend, take inspiration from Pinterest, keep assigning dates to your plans, and keep shooting your content so that you don’t need to have a stone over your head.
  • Make your captions: Rather than copying captions from Google, make your caption in the sheet; it would enhance your identity.
  • Know the right timing to post: Put dates and timing in your Calendar about when your content will be live on Instagram. Also, don’t set the timing for the night as most of the followers would not find it in the morning.
  • Organize collaboration: As an influencer or blogger, you know that brands will collaborate and send PRs. You have to assign a date to each PR in your Calendar so that you don’t forget to do the promotions of all the brands. In case if one gets skip, brands would not pay you a single penny. This part is a must to be organized properly.
  • Know about the latest trends: Make different sections in your Calendar that what is trending all over the social media, put and plan content according to the trend to gain more limelight on Instagram.
  • Plan stories & highlights: Planning a Calendar doesn’t only mean that you have to plan your feed or posts, but stories and highlighting them are equally essential to boost your growth on Instagram. Make a unique section for your stories because they play a significant role in your profile as most Instagram users go through the stories when they first open their Instagram every morning.
  • Live sessions: The best way to know your audience is to connect with them personally apart from just posting content. You can plan live sessions in your Calendar at least one day a week. Make sure you choose a single day only; it would give you and your Calendar more stability.
  • Plan for IGTV and reels: These two features are getting highly popular on Instagram, and don’t forget to make plans for your IGTV videos and reels. It would enhance your Instagram reach.
  • Self-promotion: Interact with fellow bloggers or influencers to support each other. It builds a strong community, and you can get influenced by them too.
  • Update Calendar: Last but not least, update your Calendar after everything you complete so that you don’t get confused about your work. Also, review the Calendar once you craft it to check out that you have not forgotten anything.

These are the things that have to be in your Content Calendar for Instagram and each one of them would help you boost your working hours.

Essential tools you can use for Content Calendar:

The tools given below are pretty basic, and you must have heard about them.

  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Loomly
  • Google Calendar
  • Cosechedule

Apart from this, you can check out your play store to find more applications or tools like these. All these tools are very handy and convenient to use.

Most of the Content Calendars include the title of what you are going to post and the date on which it has to be published; it is fine if you post blogs only, but If you work on a more intricate level, it is not enough as you have so many things to do per day and if one of them gets skip, your entire schedule would be affected.


So, here you go with your Content Calendar for Instagram, where you don’t need to spend eight hours on the laptop. If you have not crafted your Calendar yet, then what are you waiting for? Rush and make for yourself; you will no longer need to be panic about your stuff. Just Plan! Organize! Prepare! Schedule! and Execute! Lastly, the Calendar would pay all your bills.