Nowadays, social media had become a source to earn a lot of money as well as a celebrity. But you can get both of them only if you have a big active audience. Social Media’s follower counts also given you a great idea of your reach and brand awareness. And that makes increasing more followers on any social media platform a very important goal for every brand.

So the main point is how you gain followers on Facebook legitimately? As we know buying fake followers can make a negative impact on your Facebook account and also can deplete the engagement effort you made after buying these followers. So, we have covered some ways basic to all which we thought can help you to get more followers on your Facebook account.

Let’s cover the 21 ways to get more followers on Facebook: –

1. Create your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Developing your social media strategy or specifically a Facebook marketing strategy for your Facebook account or a business page is said as the most important and first step to attract users to your brand. While creating your Facebook marketing strategy you must consider some factors:

1. What does your audience wants to see?

2. What does success look like?

3. What to do to engage your audience?

4. What are the strategies your competitor using on Facebook?

If you want to increase your followers you must approach and if you did it, you will get an easy way to explore and grow more.

2. Increase your impressions

You can stand across a big number of the audience if you get more likes, shares and comments. Your content reaches a big number of audience, only if you are continuously getting likes, shares and positive comments. Always try to reply to all comments you got and make them a real and permanent audience for your business. And also become more conversational to everyone than seemed to be an AI by your audience.

Always ask questions, take their reviews about your brand you can also ask some of the pain points given below by your customers to work on it and drive some more followers to your Facebook account. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

Some of the pain points are:

1. Are there any question about the specific topic?

2. What new do you learned from this blog post?

3. Which topic should you like us to cover in an upcoming blog post?

3. Continuously post content

You must have to post your content at an exact time and continuously. This can help your audience to understand your posting schedule. And if they know a perfect timing of your posting schedule can make you more visible for your current audience and more likely to reach and engage new users, which may like your content and become a permanent follower for you. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

4. Share the content your audience wants

You need to test out your engaged audience that what type of content they want, if you create content for them not for you can provide you with the best results by engaging your account on Facebook. If you finally understood which type of content you have to make, go for every trend as soon as possible and try to get a share by him as it is also the best source to increase your brand’s engagement and reach. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

If you create content likely to them can help you to have more likes and comments which is responsible to increase your engagement with a speed of a rocket. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

5. Promote your Facebook page everywhere

To gain new followers on your business page, you should showcase or promote your Facebook page everywhere you want. You can add links to it that can help users to reach your business page from any other source very easily. There are so many ways you can use to promote your Facebook’s business page like:

1. If you have a site link your Facebook page to it.

2. Promote your Facebook page on different social media platforms.

3. Generate leads and share a message to that emails saying please check our Facebook page.

4. Promote your Facebook page with paid promotion from big YouTubers.

5. Highlight your brand’s product or service on sites like Quora.

6. Use Hashtags in your every post

Hashtags or keywords are a ranking factor in Facebook’s algorithm and your content page can also get ranked on Facebook feeds if you know how to use hashtags. Hashtags also make it easy to find your content on Facebook and help your targeted market to search your content and increase your followers count easily. 

To find keywords you will need to purchase a Facebook hashtags research tool. There are so many different types of Facebook hashtags research tool one of them are PowerChord. There are also some points to learn while using a keyword research tool:

1. Avoid hashtags or keywords stuffing.

2. Don’t use hashtags that have high search volume as your page or content is new and can’t use high search volume hashtags, you can use low search volume for your posts and sometimes it will rank for sure.

7. Post unique content

To gain new followers on Facebook you must share original and unique content. If a trends start to make your own content on that topic but don’t publish the same content as any other individual also it can create a negative impact on your Facebook business as well as decreases engagement.

We also know that every social media platform is different and also its users, so the preference of every user is not the same. Whereas, according to Buffer Study of 2019 most Facebook users love to see video visual content in categories like entertaining, funny and practical. Creating your own unique content can also be helpful to start your own new trend and also increase engagement a lot.

8. Run ads on your Facebook page

Ads are also one of the most important marketing strategies which can help every business to become a global business in a while, which means you can also use ads to get promoted and reach a large number of users.

You can use Facebook ads, Instagram ads or even google ads to get promoted on different types of social media platforms. Let’s talk about Facebook ads, it shows ads related to the category which is likely to a user. That means if you run your ads on Facebook specifying the services provided by you can be seemed by only the users related to your category that means you can a refined and large number of reach which may follow your Facebook page. You need to pay some amount to these advertisement networks but do not forget that they can be an amazing choice for your new business. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

9. Work with a big influencer that has too many followers

You can work with some big influencers of YouTube and Instagram and promoting your Facebook business there, a large amount of that influencer may visit your Facebook page and if they like your content you can engage and lock thousands of followers in a minute. Promoting your Facebook page also helpful to target a big number of a new audience and drive followers and like to your Facebook page, this can be helpful to increase engagement of your page.

Also, according to a survey internet users tends to trust more in what the influencer is saying than what the brand says. That simply means working with big influencers can be an important and game-changing idea to engage and earn new followers for your Facebook business page. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

10. Host Giveaways

No one can deny a free product no matters what is given to them. You can host the giveaways of your brand’s product or any other product on your Facebook page. Giveaways are also known as one of the best ways to attract users to your Facebook business page, increasing awareness of your page and earn too many followers. To increase the effect of a giveaway, you can set rules like to enter in the giveaway you have to follow, like, comment, share and tag some of your friends on my Facebook’s business page and posts.

If you get likes, shares and positive comments you will automatically be getting more followers and like because of increased engagement. And keep in mind that do not host giveaways too much, create a monthly schedule or do it one time in two months. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

11. Join Facebook groups related to your Facebook Business Page

Joining other Facebook groups related to your business can help you to have direct contact with an audience that can easily be targeted by you. Also keep in mind that these groups are not for self-promotions or any type of selling but you can trick them by sharing their reviews and opinion about your Facebook page, once users of the group reach your page they may follow your page if they liked it. It is also one of the best ways to get more followers on Facebook.

12. Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights dashboard is a type of analytics for your business that can help you to easily track everything about your Facebook page. There you can also learn what hashtags and strategies helping you the most.

13. Optimize your Facebook page to get found easily

You also make sure some factors are highly responsible for getting your page found easily. It also makes sure that your page is genuine and professional. Here is the factor you have to complete:

1. Use a unique username for your brand page.

2. Create a complete about us section.

3. Add your brand’s logo and cover picture to it.

14. Don’t buy face followers

Buying fake followers are a total waste of money as these followers are bots, you and these bots can interact with each other. They even can’t like, share or comment on your posts which can’t increase your engagement and reach. There are also so many differences between a fake follower account and a real account, they don’t have any bio, no profile photos, no cover photos and even the username is not real. This thing is not legitimate at all and can downwards your engagement and reach by Facebook. Buying fake followers can also suspend your account from Facebook and can delete all your follower list.

15. Free Coupons

This idea is also a type of giveaway but through this idea, you can share coupons of any other brand to everyone who likes and follow your page. To apply this you can use Shopify’s Facebook Likes Popup tool, for example, if anyone completes purchase of your product they will get a free brand voucher for the purchase. You can also offer discount codes to encourage Facebook reviews, which serve as social proof and can help you gain more followers.

16. Don’t promote it too much

Think about what will you do if you see an advertisement repeatedly on your feed? Obviously, you will hide them and exactly this thing can happen to you also if you overpromoted it. Your engagement rate and followers can be decreased by it.

17. Link your Facebook business page link to every digital platform

Linking your Facebook business page to every digital platform that you are using is also very easy and important to gain followers from other social media platforms. You can add links of your Facebook business page to big websites like Instagram, linked-in, on your own site and other platforms where you can add its link. You can also tag them with contact us or follow us. This idea can help you a lot to drive traffic to your Facebook Business page from the other social media platform as well as increase your followers and likes.

18. Insert your Facebook posts into your blog

You can also insert your Facebook’s new posts to your blog and this is really the very best way you can use to drive traffic to your Facebook’s Business page. It is easy as well as it can help your Facebook page by increasing its reach. You can also add your Facebook page link to your blog in the follow us or contact us section.

19. Taking reviews of your followers

We all know that everything in Facebook marketing is the audience and what will if you don’t make content and your service that can be liked by them? You should take reviews and ask them about their experiences with your services. You can also show some positive testimonials on your Facebook business page. Don’t try to buy any fake testimonials to add to your Facebook page as its name contains the word “fake”.

20. Express your titles with feelings using emojis

Emojis are a digital way of sharing or expressing your feelings. You can add them to your titles and descriptions. This idea can make users happy and joy so it creates some chances that they can follow or like your post and this helps to rank and increase engagement of your Facebook page. There are so many global companies which use emojis to share their feeling and also makes you able to buy their products.

This is really an amazing strategy that gives you an easy route to impress your users and play mind games with them.

21. Interact with live video with your audience

Live video is also an outstanding way you can use to interact with your followers as well as increasing the engagement of your Facebook page. Connecting on the live videos can also allow the host and viewers to interact easily, fast and in real-time. In live videos, you can also host Q&A, product unboxing and so on. Also, according to a survey of the Marketing land internet users spend 3x more time getting engaged with live videos than the pre-recorded videos.


Everyone has their own milestones but starting your business as a Facebook Marketer starts as you complete 10k subscribers. To get more followers you have to use your skills and attract an audience to your Facebook page and increase its engagement. You must be updated with every new change in terms and conditions and privacy policy that can be made by Facebook in future.

 Learning and execute all upper points can help your business to fly in space easily, but also make sure that you need to have patience. If you wait for some time then it is not hard for you to generate thousands of dollars from your Facebook Marketing Business.

If you want to increase your followers, kindly message me.